Samurai Spirits Zero Confirmed for PlayStation 2

Full-scale roll-out of SNK IP begins.

Posted by Staff
Retailers in Japan and the US have revealed, perhaps accidentally, that Samurai Spirits Zero will be heading to PlayStation 2, ending speculation that the game may remain exclusive to Neo Geo MVS and Neo Geo AES cartridge.

According to various respected Japanese online retailers, the game is scheduled to ship on June 16 of next year.

Although it carries the title Samurai Shodown 5, the MVS version was packaged as both Samurai Spirits Zero and Samurai Shodown V. Confusing enough, though it is almost certain that the two are one and the same.

Its full price in the US, $39.99, is likely to be mirrored in Sterling if and when the game, which has been warmly received, is announced for the UK.

Expect full updates in the coming months.


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