King of Fighters 2003 Character Art Bonanza!

Today seems to be SNK Monday.

Posted by Staff
SNK cannot die. It should have died ages ago, but it didnít; a truly inspiring affirmation of the fact that making games that people become obsessed with, simply because they are fun to play with others, can succeed.

SNK Playmore has today released a slew of delightful Japanese character art to accompany King of Fighters 2003. The game is the latest and possibly final game in the series to grace the ancient Neo Geo MVS arcade platform, before the planned jump to the Dreamcast-based AtomisWave system, as manufactured by pachinko giant Sammy.

Good news if you donít like dingy arcade halls comes in the revelation that the game, scheduled to hit the coin-op scene in the coming weeks, is a certainty for PlayStation 2. The rights for a global roll-out are probably - hopefully - in the process of being negotiated as we go to press.

Weíll bring you clarification of this situation as soon as possible.


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