Solid Snake versus Bomberman!

World Fighters to see Konami hardman in dust-up.

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Solid Snake versus Bomberman!
Dedicated readers will remember that we have in the past brought them news of DreamMix: World Fighters, the Super Smash Bros-a-like that features characters from Konami, Hudson and Takara.

To date, the roster reads:

TwinBee (Konami/Twinbee/Stinger series)
Kinomiya Takao (Takara/Bey Blade)
Momotarou (Hudson/Momotarou Dentetsu series)
Simon (Konami/Castlevania series)
Rikachan (Takara/Rikachan toy series)
Bomberman (Hudson/Bomberman series)
Pawapuro-kun (Konami/Powerful Pro Yakyuu series)
Microman (Takara/Microman toy series)
Yugo (Hudson/Bloody Roar series)
Takahashi Meijin (Hudson/Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima series)
Convoy (Takara/Optimus Prime from Transformers)

We know. The above list isn’t exactly inspiring. However, Konami Japan today confirmed that Solid Snake will definitely be making an appearance, complete with advanced stealth moves.

So is DreamMix, a game that we think will exclusively for Nintendo’s GameCube, now a must-have title? Almost certainly.

We’ll bring you updates as we get them.


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