Nintendo to Give Away Four Free Zelda Games

Stars Catalogue spells RPG goodies.

Posted by Staff
As you are probably aware, Nintendo recently announced a delicious GameCube bundle for the UK, comprising NES versions of The Legend of Zelda title and Zelda II: Link's Adventure, as well as N64 classics Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, plus a demo of The Wind Waker, all thrown in with Mario Kart Double Dash!! and a hardware unit.

However, those who have already gone and splashed the cash on a GameCube were in uproar, as it seemed they’d been denied the chance to collar a copy of the Zelda disc.

Well, now they can get it free - by spending loads of money!

Specifically, Nintendo’s Star Catalogue will be making the disc available, for the princely sum of 4,500 Stars. Which, given you get 250 per game, will see required software purchases running to 18 games - roughly £680. Ouch!

However, by the magic of patience and a certain online auction site, in ten years, you might get your money back…


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