Final Fantasy XII Staff Revealed

One for the Square hardcore.

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Final Fantasy XII Staff Revealed
As more and more details emerge, shedding light on the until-now mystical RPG Final Fantasy XII, Square Enix has announced the core staff members developing the hotly anticipated title.

Producer: Yasumi Matsuno (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics)

Character Designs/3D Map Director: Akihiko Yoshida (Final Fantasy Tactics, Ogre Battle)

Background Designs: Isamu Kamikokuryou (Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X)

Animation Director: Hideo Minaba (Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IX)

Music: Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy X), Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre)

Interestingly, no Enix producers are mentioned at all, hinting that perhaps the merger between the two RPG giants is a purely financial arrangement, not the sharing of ideas and blending of skills that was foretold.

The rumour that the game will be set in or around the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance universe, or will at least share a lot of content with the portable outing, is still refusing to go to away.

All will become clear in the coming weeks, and you can be sure we'll let you know all about it.


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