Hands-on with SNK Vs Capcom Chaos!

Brief impressions of the most anticipated 2D fighter in years

Posted by Staff
We’ve recently playtested Playmore’s latest excursion into the 2D fighting world, the cross-company SNK vs. Capcom Chaos.

The character roster is one of the game's strongest points, as Chaos boasts a healthy selection of characters from KOF, AOF, Street Fighter 2/3, DarkStalkers, and even the Metal Slug series. There are several hidden boss characters such as Zero and Mars People who are playable with the right codes, all squeezed onto the ancient Neo Geo MVS system.

The features that set SVC Chaos apart are the gauge consumption dash and attack, commands that are entered while blocking to allow for an immediate reversal. These counters add depth and strategy to the already quick pace of the game and bring a level of uncertainty to proceedings. Think Dead or Alive, but fun, and with good characters, and you get the idea.

If your super meter builds up to level three, you automatically enter maximum mode, similar to the King of Fighters system as debuted in the ’98 outing. During this limited time, all moves can cancel into one another, creating a custom combo mode which seemed a little broken to us, given that after maximum mode, you are still left with a level two super at your disposal.

It would seem that SNK has decided to over-power the game to some extent, perhaps to appease the demands of Capcom fans. As to whether this is the right decision will become clear in the coming months.

Chaos runs on the ageing MVS format and as a result, looks like an old game. SNK’s mantra demands that aesthetics are always second to gameplay and Chaos does not disappoint in this regard. The new sprites of the Capcom characters are well drawn, especially Dhalsim and Demetri.

The story within the game is one of its strongest points. Each fight is preceded by a small conversation with some truly humorous and interesting outcomes. This little feature compels you to use new characters just see the dialogue.

It’s doubtful Chaos will become a tournament level game, but that doesn't mean it doesn’t offer many hours of quality vs. action. No serious flaws or imbalances have been discovered yet, a development skill Capcom could well do with mastering…

While this game will only truly appeal to fans of the beat-em-up genre, it is technically rewarding and will be worth picking up when it’s released on PlayStation 2 early next year.


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