Metroid Prime: Press Fast-Forward

Incredible gaming power sees key Nintendo shooter conquered.

Posted by Staff
Planet Quake has posted a video of a gamer going by the moniker "Radix" who has, incredibly, managed to complete Metroid Prime in one hour and 37 minutes. Understand that this is total completion, collecting every item, scoring 100%. Absolutely amazing.

You can view the whole thing in all its 400MB glory over at Planet Quake and we recommend that you do. It's an incredible gaming achievement, a must see.

Some would seek to use this as a stick with which to beat the developers and publishers. Surely it's a perfect example of the value and longevity - or lack of - in today's games. However, they fail to recognise the amount of time and effort this "Radix" character has invested in acheiving this astounding record. Props!


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