Nokia doomed: N-Gage cracked like an egg – games on other handsets

Siemens phones up and running with Nokia software.

Posted by Staff
Nokia will today be licking its wounds and doing a fair amount of worrying, with the revelation that the N-Gage's security has been cracked like an egg, with other manufacturers’ handsets able to play the machine's software.

Specifically, the Siemens SX1 is already capable of running N-Gage games, with Sonic N being the only game seen in public, though it’s expected that the others won’t be too far behind.

This is expected to be the start of a process that will see third-party hardware add-on sales of devices that will enable many phones to simply suck up the N-Gage content, then go on their merry way.

Nokia’s reaction to this new, seemingly unforeseen problem, will be interesting to observe, to say the least.

Expect full coverage, right here, as it breaks.


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