Ahh bless. Mario and Luigi RPG ? all-new screens!

Under-hyped Nintendo love bomb shows its goodies.

Posted by Staff
We are delighted to bring you the latest batch of screens from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, the somewhat under-hyped, super-cute RPG for Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Amazingly, the game was launched with mouse-like quietness at this year?s E3, with most attendees thinking it was some kind of co-operative platformer. However, since then, Mario and Luigi RPG, as it is known in Japan, has been steadily gaining momentum.

Combining action skills with classical role-playing elements, and featuring Bowser as a good guy for the first time, we really cannot wait to get our hands on a game that promises to be as good as A Link to the Past.

Due out in November in Japan, stay tuned for western release updates.


alvz 27 Dec 2009 04:03
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