First Xbox Rare game within weeks

Grabbed by the Ghoulies goes gold.

Posted by Staff
According to Microsoft sources, Rareís Grabbed by the Ghoulies has gone gold and will be released in the US on October 21, with the European version hot on its heels, hitting stores on November 14.

Although the game has come in for some pretty heavy criticism since it was unveiled at E3, manly attracting claims that itís too short, too easy and so on, it is still expected to be a massive-seller for the Xbox, wielding, as it does, a hefty marketing budget and the Rare logo.

Itís also worth pointing out that much of the criticism endured by GBTG is somewhat unfair. Weíve managed to spend a fair amount of time with the code over the past few months and itís really quite an enjoyable romp. It attracts a bashing from the kind of critic that slammed Luigiís Mansion back when the GameCube was launched, with both games sharing a certain something that seemingly spans continents and platforms alike.

More on all things Rare, as they break.


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