Colin 4 details bring delight!

Championship mode sees any car action

Posted by Staff
Although Colin McRae Rally 3 was a great game - arguably one of the best rally games ever released - it came in for some fairly heavy criticism for being overpowered by Ford Racing's marketing department.

Well it seems that Codies has found Citroen a little easier to deal with - CMR4 is looking to be beyond sublime.

Indeed, the latest incarnation promises more cars, more tracks, more surfaces, racing lines, enhanced single player, enhanced multiplayer, full online rallies?

Other improvements include:

New, faster game engine with enhanced graphics
New and Improved driving mechanics.
Bumper camera. (new camera)
Enhanced driving surfaces - racing line.
Enhanced damage model for cars.
Any car can be played in championship mode.
Custom Rally - create your own rally events.
Co-operative play in championship mode.
Highly detailed set-up & repair - Players handle car repair.
Different levels of damage linked to difficulty settings. - players will have to adapt their playing style as they progress through the difficulty levels.
Unique Expert Championship - in-car only with hyper-realistic damage.
Living, breathing environment - trees sway, grass blows in the wind.

Without question the most important revelation is the fact that, in CMR4, any car can be played in the championship mode - excellent news indeed.

Colin McRae Rally 4 is shaping up to be by far the best rally game in history, as well as perhaps one of the most important driving games to date. We'll bring you hands-on impressions as soon as possible.



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