Phone Final Fantasy set to end lives

There is no escape ? You are all doomed

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Phone Final Fantasy set to end lives
It is well known that playing Final Fantasy will consume your life. For how long depends upon the player, though it is undeniable that, once hooked, gamers whittle away hours conjuring up spells and, erm, conjuring up spells.

Well the grip on the franchise is about to get considerably tighter, with the announcement that several games from the series - believed to be taken from WonderSwan code - are currently being considered for release for mobile phone.

Company executive in charge of mobile development, Yosuke Saito said, ?We are currently looking at bringing both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest to cellular phone handsets. We can see great potential in this and we are very excited at the proposition.?

As you may be aware, Square-Enix?s mobile division currently supplies ringtones and other light media for fans of its games as a value-added service.

As soon as we hear confirmation, we?ll let you know.



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