New Donkey Kong record

And people worry about you…

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New Donkey Kong record
Following the release of Donkey Kong, the translation-scarred Miyamoto-coded platform game originator, a level of obsession which attached itself to many coin-ops of that joyous era has remained.

Indeed, high score records for games such as Pac-Man, Asteroids and Centipede are held in the highest regard in certain gaming communities. And this being the case, a new record for playing Donkey Dong has just been recorded by an American man.

Steve Wiebe of Redmond,WA amassed 947,200 points, seeing off the former record - 874,300 - held by arcade legend Billy Mitchell.

“Since I'd been trying so long, it wasn't like I jumped out of my chair or anything when I got that score," stated a triumphant Wiebe.

No news yet on Nintendo’s plans for Donkey Kong. Certain sources have spoken of a TriForce outing for the massive franchise, though Nintendo is keeping schtum. As soon as the silence is broken, we’ll let you know.


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