Playmore to re-brand as SNK!

Sense prevails as IP power wins the day.

Posted by Staff
Playmore to re-brand as SNK!
Pachinko conglomerate Playmore has announced plans to officially re-brand its operations under the legend SNK, in an attempt to gain greater leverage in the video games market around the world.

The SNK branding umbrella will see Sun Amusement, Playmore, Aruze, SNK Neo Geo USA, all take on the moniker of SNK Neo Geo, one of gaming?s brands most synonymous with quality and fan-led releases.

The first outings to be released under this new brand is SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos later this year for MVS arcade system, with an AES home cart release to follow. A PlayStation 2 version is also expected, followed by Metal Slug 5.


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