Dead or Alive Will Be Online Forever

Retro remakes as well as XBV and DOA 4 to make the jump

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Xtreme Beach Volleyball
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Following the 'stripping meets video games' display put on by Tecmo at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles last week, several intriguing bits of information spilled forth as to the online future the series is set to enjoy.

Initially, remakes of the first Dead or Alive games - namely, erm, Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive II - will go online. We'll let Tecmo America's colourful marketing manager Toby Tarpey explain:

"We are very pleased to officially announce Dead or Alive Online for the Xbox. Dead or Alive Online opens up a whole new door to fans of the fighting genre and the DOA series by being the first 3D fighting game with Xbox Live capabilities. Players will now be able to not only play the whole Dead or Alive series on one console but also be able to go online and fight gamers from around the world! We are bringing 3D fighting to the masses!"

Yeah! Woo! And so onů

What's more, the next true game in the series, Dead or Alive Code Chronos, is also believed to be fully online, as is the next perv-em-up outing form Team Ninja, the as-yet unannounced Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2.

More soon.


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