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Big names are confirmed for Nokia's handheld.

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Super Monkey Ball
Super Monkey Ball
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Although Nokia is new to the world of console production, the handheld N-Gage has already accumulated quite an impressive line-up of games. With an overt emphasis on re-releasing the biggest name games possible, its library is already looking pretty strong. Although Sonic N is the only N-Gage exclusive, the others do show off the machine's capabilities by handling 3D graphics with comparative ease. There is also some mighty fine use of wireless networking (the N-gage is a mobile phone after all!) permitting all kinds of multiplayer mayhem.

Below are the games announced so far:

Moto GP - 3D motorbike racing sim
Pandemonium - Classic Playstation platformer
Puyo Puyo - Retro puzzle action
Puzzle Bobble VS - More retro puzzle action
Red Faction - Amply demonstrating the N-Gage's 3D graphical prowess
Sonic N - High-speed 2D platforming with Sonic, Tails et al
Super Monkey Ball - Classic SEGA action
Super Space Invaders - The epitome of retro titles
Tomb Raider - The first in the series (with downloadable Lara 'ghosts' to challenge in a new Time Trial mode)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Massive franchise with multiplayer mode over wireless network (using Bluetooth)
Virtua Tennis - Superlative SEGA sports sim with multiplayer mode over wireless network (Bluetooth)


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