Empire to launch Ikaruga beater

2D shooting goodness finally on PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
Empire Interactive has announced a deal with Japanís Success Corp that will see the firmís acclaimed 2D coin-op shooter Psyvariar Revision make its way to the PlayStation.

Only ever released in Japan hitherto, Psyvariar was released into the arcades in 1999, and was followed by a re-work entitled Psyvariar Revision, which expanded the gameplay and included a whole bunch of extra weapons and levels.

Psyvariar has also etched out something of a cult status for itself, with some hardcore shoot-em-up fans claiming that its puzzle-led level design and vivid, swirling visuals make it one of the best shooters of all time, better even than Treasureís Ikaruga.

And the best news is that youíll only have to fork out £14.99 for the privilege of playing it!


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