WW2: Frontline Command

Better than Command and Conquer. Westwood cries.

Posted by Staff
Well, obviously the bit about Westwood crying was made up. But it could very well be true. Anyhow...

A playable demo of the game being hailed as the one that's knocked Command and Conquer off it's RTS throne was released yesterday.

You can get it, here:

It's a return to form for The Bitmap Brothers, who seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth after the Z:Steel Soldiers games and the unfortunate PSone sequel to Speedball 2.

WW2: Frontline Command sees you controlling a US squadron through the World War 2 campaigns across Europe. Aside from neat-touches like line-of-sight sharing and morale-boosting, it's dead easy to play, unlike those RTS?s clearly developed by anal retentives who like to have lots of unnecessary things on screen to scare us normal people away.

Upon playing Frontline Command, our love for the old-skool dev house has been restored, and we can now breathe a sigh of relief that this will be the same team who are developing Speedball online for PC.


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