Sonic Team = the Easter Bunny

Sonic Team to give Phantasy Star Online players something from the bottom of their hearts.

Posted by Staff
Sonic Team = the Easter Bunny
Sonic Team is never one to shy away from being rampantly generous. In the past, the legendary development team created free game content for NiGHTS - arguably the Sega Saturn's finest moment - as a Christmas bonus for loyal fans.

For the Easter break, Sonic Team has posted details of an April 30 treat for fans, in the form of a whole new quest!

The quest's storyline is said to solve mysteries and answer PSO rumours that have been in the community since the beginning. You'll be travelling through several Episode 2 areas and Elly, from the offline quest "Knowing One's Heart" will journey with you through the quest while you protect her.

The quest will be called "Bottom of the Heart", a place where Sonic Team delves on a regular basis to give us great things.

More great things will be debuted at May's E3 expo in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for more Sonic Team goodness!


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