A Link to the Fast

SNES Zelda completion record smashed.

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A Link to the Fast
In an astonishing feat of eye-wateringly intense video gaming, a gamer from Texas has majestically shattered the record for the fastest completion time of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES. Achieving what many gamers would claim to be the impossible, Michael Damiani unleashed the fatal final silver arrow, laying waste to the evil Ganondorf, and subsequently completing the game in a formidable one hour, 57 minutes and 15 seconds.

Damiani was fist inspired to make the attempt after reading on a Zelda forum how a sub-2 hour game could not be achieved. He'd already been mighty close though, having achieved times of 2:05 and 2:07, so figured that with some refinement of his course of action, coupled with optimal coin and supply gathering, it might just be possible. And it was - April 9 bore witness to it and, with the aid of a trusty video tape, the feat was verified by the official score blokes at Twin Galaxies.

The times for Damiani's key game moments from the official electronic games scoreboard, Twin Galaxies, can be found below so, if you fancy your chances, dust off your Super Nintendo, whack your copy of Zelda in and see how you fare.

0:03.20 - reaches Zelda
0:06.57 - exits Hyrule Castle
0:12:24 - obtains Pendant of Courage
0:20.55 - obtains Pendant of Power
0:27.36 - obtains Pendant of Wisdom
0:29.14 - uses Pendants to obtain Master Sword
0:35.44 - appears on top of Golden Pyramid
0:46.57 - obtains 1st Maiden Gem
1:00.09 - obtains 2nd Maiden Gem
1:08.00 - obtains 3rd Maiden Gem
1:16.07 - obtains 4th Maiden Gem
1:25.08 - obtains 5th Maiden Gem
1:32.40 - obtains 6th Maiden Gem
1:34.35 - purchases "Big Bomb"
1:45.28 - obtains 7th and final Maiden Gem
1:47.04 - sets foot into Ganon's Castle
1:57.15 - delivers final blow via Silver Arrow to Ganon.


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