Sega Leak plugged with release commitment

UK release dates set

Posted by Staff
Sega UK, now a fully operating, grown up games publisher, has decided to apply release dates to several of its games, as leaked in a recent document much to the embarrassment of the fledgling outfit.

Specifically, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution for PlayStation 2 will hit stores on June 20th, Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & II for Xbox lands on May 16th and Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut (Woo - a new name) for GameCube is released June 27th.

Still no word on what or when Sonic Hero for GameCube is all about, but we'll keep pressing.

In related news, unconfirmed reports from Japan this morning indicate that Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution has had a torrid time in the Japanese charts, with sources indicating many retailers have slashed prices by up to 50% in order to offload stock.


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