Free Sonic games hidden away in Sonic Adventure DX

GameGear classics enhance DX.

Posted by Staff
Yuji Naka, president of Sega’s acclaimed Sonic Team, has mentioned that several Sonic the Hedgehog games from yesteryear will be included gratis within the upcoming GameCube title, Sonic Adventure DX.

Probably in an attempt to gain acceptance in the marketplace for what essentially is a Dreamcast re-hash, Naka, speaking at Sega’s B-Club event in Tokyo, said that work was underway squeezing all of Sonic’s GameGear games into DX.

This being the case, expect up to seven free games for your money - not bad at all. What’s more, the GameGear bonus games are expected to make use of the GBA link cable in some capacity, though the details of this were not fully explained.

From severe disappointment, Sonic Adventure DX for GameCube has blossomed somewhat, and now makes for a hugely appealing purchase.

As soon as the GBA link-up details emerge, you’ll be the first to know. Also, stay tuned for further details of Sega’s all-new Sonic games, expected to be shown at this May’s E3.


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