Square beware!

Enix makes RPG blunder.

Posted by Staff
Square beware!
In the Japanese gaming scene there are several well-known cardinal sins that developers and publishers must, above all else, not commit. At the top of the heap is releasing games that are buggy, or games that crash.

Well Enix, on the run up to its merger with fellow RPG giant SquareSoft, has done exactly that, admitting over the weekend that there is a problem with its PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time. Reports began to emerge last week that the game froze out players during the many battle scenes involved in the epic title. This has now been confirmed by Enix.

However, Enix has not issued a recall of the 630,000 games in circulation. They have instead set up a hotline for customers to call if they have experienced problems, hinting that not all games pressed are affected.


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