Now we've seen everything!

Well, almost. Restaurant Empire comes to PC in April.

Posted by Staff
Ever since the management strategy sim was conceived, developers have come up with some of the most unlikely settings and scenarios for their games. For every Sim City or Rollercoaster Tycoon, there seemed to be a Rock Manager or Stable Masters lurking in the shadows. Nobilis' upcoming Restaurant Empire for PC is yet another example of the weird and wonderfully varied world of the management sim.

Developed by Enlight Software and published by Stevenage-based Nobilis, Restaurant Empire takes you to LA, Paris and Rome, and challenges the player to create a successful business. Employing the best chefs and the most loyal staff is just the start, as you build up a steady clientele and endeavour to keep them satisfied, and in the process keep them coming back for more. The decor, the furnishings, the crockery and the cutlery, the raw ingredients that make up the delicious dishes - they're all your responsibility.

Developer Enlight has a fine pedigree with games of this nature, having been the team behind Hotel Tycoon and Capitalism. Restaurant Empire looks set to satisfy the hungriest of management sim fans, and it'll be available from April 11.


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