Postal 2 gets a publisher

Series that invented modern gaming outrage looms.

Posted by Staff
Postal 2 gets a publisher
Running With Scissors has declared that its controversial sequel Postal 2 has finally found a publisher, in the form of US-based Whiptail Interactive.

Whiptail has stated that it intends to publish the game, exclusively for PC at this point, in Europe and the US, with an Asian release possibly to follow.

We are also aware that Running With Scissors has been in discussions with several other development studios, with an eye on releasing Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions, the outcome of which is expected to be announced at the Game Developers Conference at the beginning of March.

If Postal?s graphic slew of sex and violence can capture the imagination in the way Rockstar?s GTA games have, this could be the start of something very big indeed.


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