Update: Nintendo - 'Euro GameCube online still on track'

Network peripherals to launch on time? Not according to distributor

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Update: Nintendo - 'Euro GameCube online still on track'
Despite widespread retail scepticism, Nintendo has today rubbished reports that the GameCube broadband adapter and modem have slipped past they're original release date of March 7th.

Speaking to us today, we were told, "Both the broadband adapter and modem will be released as planned on the 7th of next month. We simply can't imagine where these stories sprung from."

This means that, if Nintendo Europe is correct, Phantasy Star Online will hit the Internet as planned on day one, reaffirming Nintendo of Europe boss David Gosen's remarks made last month that from now on, Nintendo will take Europe as seriously as it does the rest of the world. Aside form localising games during development phase, but that's another story…

But wait, there's more…

Sniffing around several retailers, it became increasingly obvious that the source of the information leak is Koch Distribution, Nintendo's UK distribution partner. Speaking to them today, a member of their sales team said, "The latest date that we have for them [broadband adapter and modem] is the 28th, so that's what we've been telling retail." When asked as to where the new date came from, we were told, "Nintendo sent an email earlier in the week, which included its new release schedule. On that schedule, both products were dated 28th March."

So what's going on? Nintendo Europe, at all levels, is stating that the date of release is still the 7th, yet communication to the firm's UK distributor directly contradicts this. Mix up or smokescreen? The truth will become clear in the not too distant future.


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