Dave Mirra sues Acclaim!

XXX to cost - big

Posted by Staff
Dave Mirra has filed a lawsuit against Acclaim Entertainment claiming that the firm has used his name and image after the termination of the agreement between the two.

Dave, not overreacting at all, has demanded a mere $21 million from Acclaim, plus injunctions to stop the firm further using his name and image, in and around marketing activities for the top-shelf extreme sports title BMX XXX.

"Mirra expressed grave concern over his association with a now pornographic XXX Game, since it would have a negative impact on his name," said his representative in court." According to court papers, Dave was outraged when he realised that "Acclaim changed the concept of the game to become more sexually explicit and pornographic."

Despite participating in a sport that actively courts a rebellious image, Mirra has always maintained a spotless reputation. But accusing a game that features mild non-sexual nudity and swearing of being pornographic seems a trifle reactionary. And it smacks of lawyer-instigated manipulation designed to increase "outrage" and improve Mirra's prospect of punitive damages.

Acclaim has stated that it will fight Mirra, to the last.

We'll bring you the outcome of the case later in the year.


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