A Document of Substance

Free DVD with PS2 MGS release.

Posted by Staff
Konami of Europe has pledged that a free DVD will come bundled with the impressively rich Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance when it is released for PlayStation 2 on March 28.

The DVD, entitled Document of Metal Gear Solid 2, is “…an exhaustive overview of the game and allows the player an unprecedented look into how the game was created.”

To be fair, no extra content, especially that of a non-interactive nature, is really required. It seems that Konami listened well to gamers’ cries that Sons of Liberty was too short, so this time Konami are including 150 new levels, and an amazing 350 mini-levels, known as VR Missions.

Let’s just hope that Substance complements all this content with an engaging gaming experience.


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