ISS 3 proves Konami eternal kings of football

Latest footy instalment announced.

Posted by Staff
Admittedly, it?s a well established fact that Konami makes the world?s leading soccer games. The Pro Evolution and International Superstar Soccer series have proved timeless, and have recently managed the impossible, namely outselling EA?s license powered FIFA releases.

And yesterday, Konami Europe announced that the next instalment of ISS is on its way, much sooner than expected. As expected, ISS III offers a more accessible kick about than PES, with simplified, arcade-style gameplay and controls.

Due out for PlayStation 2 in March, the game features an interesting new close-up mode that, when activated, gives the player an over-shoulder view of the action from the attacking player, giving more control and a greater sense of realism.

A GameCube version will follow the PS2 release and hit shelves in May.


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