The Sims confirmed for GameCube and Xbox

Dangerously corporate quote warning - Read with care!

Posted by Staff
Girlie gamer favourite The Sims has been confirmed for both Xbox and GameCube, ending growing alarm that EA had decided not to fully cash in on the best selling PC game of all time.

Expected to be a port of the excellent PlayStation release, Sims for Xbox and GameCube will come with all-new Get a Life mode, as well as two-player competitive and co-operative modes.

Right, head between knees, full brace position - It's quote time!

"Bringing The Sims to the Xbox and Nintendo GameCube gives players the opportunity to play The Sims on a variety of console platforms," said Sinjin Bain, COO of EA's Maxis studio and executive producer of the game. "Maxis is looking forward to providing the fun and quirky gameplay of The Sims to gamers on any type of console system."


Both versions will be released into America in Spring, with Europe, and all its quirky linguistics to follow shortly after.


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