Unreal II demo scrapped

Lack of confidence following Championship?

Posted by Staff
Infogrames has decided not to release a demo version of Legend's hotly anticipated Unreal II, and hasn't managed to say exactly why, or say anything at all for that matter.

According to a post by a development employee, Legend simply will not have time to write a demo, and has instead opted to release a movie, which should be with us in the coming weeks.

The movie will be unedited and will not use any kind of optical trickery we're told, which is fine, the way it should be in fact, but it's by no means the demo version we were told of at E3.

This decision has sparked intense rumour amongst the game's hardcore fanbase that Infogrames, or Legend, isn't confident of the existing engine and current build of the game. It's due out on the 4th of February in the US, so things must be fairly last minute to be scrapping a demo release at this crucial phase.

Let's hope that your fears are misplaced and that Unreal II proves as brilliantly menacing as the original.

Watch out for the game across Europe on the 7th February this year.


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