SNK chins Taiwanese pirates

Full-scale Neo theft operation busted

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SNK chins Taiwanese pirates
Playmore, the company that swallowed the valuable intellectual properties from defunct SNK, has announced it is bringing a lawsuit against a Taiwanese production facility that, according to the claim, has been churning out counterfeit Neo Geo cartridges.

Furthermore, Neo Geo Freaks, WWVE and Arcade Infinity have been ordered to stop selling several high-profile games, including King of Fighters 2000, 2001, 2002, Metal Slug 4, Rage of Dragons and Mark of the Wolves.

It is believed that both AES home carts and MVS arcade boards were being produced. As you may know, the dedicated Neo Geo fanbase regularly shells out up to 350 on new games, with some older titles making in excess of 1000

The companies listed above have been unwittingly buying counterfeit titles from Taiwan and this being the case, are being pressed for an unspecified amount of compensation from Playmore.

If anything further happens, we'll let you know.


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