Square and Enix merger on the rocks

Turn-based negotiations begin.

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Ring of confidence?
Ring of confidence?
It did seem a little too good to be true. It also seemed unnaturally smooth, and everyone knows that nothing involving SquareSoft goes smoothly. When Enix and Square announced that they were to become one, it was a huge announcement, but it appears that the marriage might be on the rocks, before itís even set sail.

According to reports from Japanís financial press, the man holding the vast majority of SquareSoft, Masafumi Miyamoto, has expressed uncertainty about the share-split that will occur during the merger.

The details of the amalgamation agreed between the two RPG giantsí boards priced Enix, with its low operating costs, tidy release schedule and great stability, higher than Square, a company battling to stay on track to keep its promises, and still reeling from the appalling failure that was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

This being said, the merger is on hold, and will be delayed, if it happens at all. All parties are toeing the line, stating that all is well and will be resolved. However, without the sponsorship of Miyamoto, this is just talk.

Expect an update in the next few daysÖ


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