Final Fantasy I and II confirmed for PSone

North American offering to spell Euro FF filler?

Posted by Staff
SquareSoft, perhaps in an attempt to offset the growing interest in its troubled merger with Enix, has confirmed that Final Fantasies I and II will be released for Sony?s veteran PSone platform in April of this year.

The pack, likely to be released at budget price, will be called Final Fantasy Origins and will feature the full translated Japanese games, complete with a whole bunch of swanky new FMV.

Over this side of the Atlantic, fans of the series reacted immediately, bombarding Square Europe with calls relating to a possible release, but to no avail.

However, insiders suggest that the pack will indeed reach our shores, in the form of a stopgap in Square?s snail-paced release schedule. As yet, Final Fantasy XI hasn?t made a release schedule over here, nor has Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy X-2 or, dare we say it, Final Fantasy XII.

Stay tuned for more on all things Square as they break.


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