Everybody sing now! If I had a hamster…

...I’d hamster in the morning, I’d hamster in the evening…

Posted by Staff
Oh please yourselves, then. If you, like us, were wondering what the first release of 2003 was going to be, you really wouldn’t have put your money on it being a Game Boy Color title. But crikey, it’s true, and it’s full of hamsters.

Hamtaro comes to the GBC backed by a hugely successful five years of children’s publishing in Japan, comprising of music, video and cartoon shows, the latter having appeared recently on some UK digital TV stations. Those in the know (i.e. those subscribed to the Fox Kids channel) will understand why Nintendo reckon Hamtaro is going to be a big success in the UK. It’s endearing, charming characters are sure to captivate younger children, and to some, Hamtaro is seen as the natural successor to Pokemon, even though the pocket monsters are still very much around. Hamtaro, unlike Pokemon, is a straightforward adventure/puzzler, in which you assume the role of the titular character and look to guide your furry friends back to the clubhouse. The Ham Hams have their own language which you must learn in order to succeed, and they also like a bit of a song and dance too. The cute-ometer is way up in the red!

Have a look at these screenshots and see what all the fuss is about, and prepare yourself for hamster infestation! It all begins this Friday.


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