Joy as King of Fighters 2002 goes multi-platform

Neo Geo, Dreamcast and now PlayStation 2 versions revealed!

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Joy as King of Fighters 2002 goes multi-platform
Playmore has announced that the fantastic King of Fighters 2002 will be released for Neo Geo AES systems, Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in the summer of next year.

Although there was no mention of the global scale of these releases, a European version of the PlayStation 2 release is practically certain. As you may remember, we brought you news late last year that several European publishing outfits were looking at PS2 version of both KOF 2000 and 2001.

As King of Fighters 2002 is undoubtedly better than both these previous games, chances are that it will replace them on the release schedules of the interested parties.

No mention was made as to any additional content that may be included in the PS2 release, although heavy rumours suggests that Playmore will take a royalty break from Sony if it includes online functionality.

Oh please, oh please, oh please...

We'll keep you updated.


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