Codemasters Club Football comes to PS2 and Xbox

LMA goes club-centric.

Posted by Staff
Spring 2003 sees seven of the biggest names in British football get their own PS2 and Xbox management games, as the Codemasters Club Football series comes to Sony and Microsoft consoles. Football management simulation veterans who know exactly which team they want to take charge of and, by happy coincidence, are supporters of Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leeds United, Manchester United, Rangers or Liverpool, will be well catered for come the spring.

Itís not the first time that individual clubs have been the focus of dedicated games, but Codemasters have such a good pedigree (see their LMA Manager series of games) that an immersive, involving, and most importantly, fun time is had by all their players.

But hey, Codies! What about us poor Huddersfield Town fans? LMA Manager 2003 it is then!


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