AGB powers up, status and name change

Game Boy Advance prepares for true 3D future.

Posted by Staff
In the past, we've kept you informed concerning the goings on at a small, talented outfit in the US called AGB games. These are the guys that brought the Quake engine to the GBA and have running tech-demos of a soccer game, a racing game and GTA 3-style title that have made our mouths water for several months.

Now, as AGB is a Nintendo copyright (standing for Advanced Game Boy) the firm has changed its name to the perky-sounding Pocketeers Inc.

Even better news is the fact that Pocketeers has been granted the status of Official Game Boy Advance Developer by Nintendo of America, meaning that the staff there will now get the full support of NOA, not that they needed it.

We?ll keep you updated on all breaking news from this exciting little development studio, including an interview with the staff there, as soon as possible.


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