Hey DJ, pump this party, etc.

Minimal German techno or pilled-off-your-margin trance - the choice is yours.

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Hey DJ, pump this party, etc.
November sees the release of Dance eJay 5, the latest in the Stuttgart-based developer's music creation software series. Ideal software for the budding dance guru (faceless variety) this latest instalment heralds a new dimension in music making, thanks to its new interface and the first ever 3D engine used in this genre, plus a host of brand new features and instruments, such as Chord Generator and Bass Generator (self-explanatory, we reckon) and the Groove Generator (a nifty drum loop program).

There are a whopping 5,000 royalty-free samples in Dance 5 too, which is more than enough to distribute across the 48 track mixer; the polyphonic hyper generator is a sequencer and synthesiser combined; FX Studio is where you can edit and create samples from scratch, with the Voice Generator feature allowing layer upon layer of samples with no degradation in sound quality. It?s all CD quality, see?

If you have a hankering for the kind of music you can easily create with a product like this, then Dance eJay 5 is brimful of ideas just waiting to happen. Norman Cook-style big beats are easy with this title ? bringing down an Aphex-type static storm may take a little more time. We know which we?d prefer to hear. As soon as Dance eJay 5 appears next month, you can make your own decisions. And your own unlistenable racket too!


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