New NES games announced

Nintendo steps up 8-Bit E-Reader push

Posted by Staff
New NES games announced
Nintendo of America has revealed that several new E-Reader cards containing NES games will be released.

The new (sic) titles are; Mario Bros, Ice Climber, Baseball, Donkey Kong, and Urban Champion. Just how many more times Nintendo can rehash the original Mario Bros game remains to be seen though you have to be impressed at its efforts thus far!

The E-Reader, launching later this year in Europe, will hit stores with classics like Pinball, Donkey Kong Jr, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, and Tennis, as well as Pokemon and Animal Leader cards.

For reference, the E-Reader is a device that fits onto the Game Boy Advance and can download games, applications and other bits and pieces to the console via laminated plastic cards.


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