Trad shoot ?em up forces Wario delay

Ikaruga bounces Wario World into next year.

Posted by Staff
Trad shoot ‘em up forces Wario delay
In somewhat amusing news, we can reveal that Wario World, the GameCube platformer currently being developed jointly between Nintendo and Treasure, has been delayed until some point in early 2003.

Although the return of Wario, Mario?s nemesis and generally debauched bad guy, will be heralded from the rooftops of Gameland, the reason behind the delay is really rather amusing.

Treasure, the legendary developer behind Radiant SilverGun, has all its GameCube development time allotted to porting Ikaruga to the Nintendo machine from the Dreamcast and Naomi systems.

In this day and age, it surely breathes hope into the heart of all real gamers when an old-skool 2D shooter can delay a big budget 3D Nintendo game.

Stay tuned for everything breaking on Ikaruga, Treasure, Wario and Nintendo, every single weekday. Ikaruga for GameCube is due to ship alongside Wario World in Q1 of 2003.


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