First PSone Final Fantasy screens released

Full makeover in the works for seedling RPG remakes.

Posted by Staff
SquareSoft has released the first screens from the PSone remakes of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II.

Although the games will retain pretty much the same gameplay content as the original releases, the graphics look to be greatly improved and both games will feature all-new swanky cut scenes courtesy of Square?s ever-impressive CG film department.

Square has also included the ability to run through the game world and a quick-save function, neither of which was available in the original releases.

Although the games, that will be bundled onto one disc, are only confirmed for a Japanese release at this time, you can bet you bottom dollar that a European release will follow, acting as a release schedule filler for players waiting for the conversion and release of Square?s latest offering, Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation 2.

More on this, along with the European release date, soon.


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