TimeSplitters 2 in eight consoles link lark!

Yikes! Free Radical goes multiplayer crazy!

Posted by Staff
Eidos has announced that the latest offering from Free Radical Design, TimeSplitters 2, will feature an eight-way link feature for both the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, enabling 16 players to play on screen at one time, using four or eight televisions.

This groundbreaking move, the first of its kind should see TimeSplitters become the first millionaire-only game! Just kidding. This is really excellent news and shows that the furthering of console multiplayer action is at the forefront of the Free Radicalís thoughts.

Itís a shame that the GameCube version, arguably the best seen at E3, wonít have this feature too. Never mind.

Expect to see TimeSplitters 2 blast its way onto PlayStation 2 and Xbox on September 27 with the GameCube version due to hit sometime in October.


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