Cycling Manager 2 approaching

Singularity Software and Cyanide saddle up for September release.

Posted by Staff
Already a big hit in France (probably because it caught the imagination of notre cousins Francaises and the fact that it got a release over there prior to the Tour de France) Cycling Manager 2 is set to appear early next month. Singularity Software's sequel brings the most prestigious cycling races to life on the PC, rendered entirely in 3D, with 180 race stages, totalling over 27,000 kilometres. Let's hope our computers have the legs to last that long.

A number of changes have been made to Cycling Manager 2's gameplay, notably the inclusion of a Career mode, a bigger selection of teams, a wider-ranging calendar, National and International competitions, training and equipment - the list of improvements and additions goes on and on.

Cycling Manager 2 for PC is a much bigger and better experience than the original, so if you were considering buying the first version and haven?t taken the plunge yet, we suggest that you apply the brakes and wait until September 6 for CM2. Can you manage that?


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