Ikaruga. What?s all that about then? Well, here?s the packshot.

D-Direct, Japan-only? PlayStation 2 release? GameCube release?

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Ikaruga. What’s all that about then? Well, here’s the packshot.
Ikaruga, by far and away the most hotly anticipated underground hardcore gamers? game, has again made a slippery sideways move.

After the debacle of ?will it, won?t it?? be released for Dreamcast (it is by the way) we now learn that the limited run will only be available to order through Sega?s D-Direct online game store.

This being said, there are several rumours floating around at present, the most interesting of which is that Treasure has already begun porting Ikaruga code across to the GameCube. According to some (admittedly dubious) reports, Treasure sees Ikaruga as a good way to enter the GameCube market.

Then there?s the shadowy PlayStation 2 version. Whether or not that will become a reality remains to be seen. We hope it will, but have little confidence. Treasure does have all the PlayStation 2 development tools it needs and is currently underway with at least one other PS2 project at the moment, namely Tiny Toon Adventures.

Annoyingly, we were recently granted an interview with Treasure?s president, Masato Maegawa, but when we sent our questions, everything went quiet. We will of course, continue to bug our Japanese friends, but in the meantime, you?ll have to be happy with drooling over the box shot from the game.

We?ll keep you posted right here, as ever.


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