King of Fighters 2002 info emerges

Plus: Exclusive European KOF 2001 PlayStation 2 publisher news!

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King of Fighters 2002 info emerges
Playmore, the Japanese pachinko machine manufacturer that snaffled the rights to SNK?s prestigious intellectual properties last year, has released the first concrete details of the hotly anticipated King of Fighters 2002.

In news that will be warmly received by the KOF community, KOF 2002 will be presented in the Dream Match style, as was King of Fighters ?98, arguably the best game in the series. This means that you will choose a team of all-playable characters with no Strikers.

Accordingly, there will be 35 to 40 characters included in KOF 2002, along with a new super gauge system. Yum! Apparently, the game is 90% complete and will hit the arcades, housed on the immortal Neo Geo MVS arcade system, sometime in October.

In other news, we can reveal that several companies in Europe are looking at releasing the PlayStation 2 version of King of Fighters 2001 into the region. At present, Virgin Interactive seems the most likely to take it, as we can exclusively reveal that representatives from the firm that published all of Capcom?s 2D fighters released for the Dreamcast in Europe have seen the code and are evaluating its market potential.

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