Nintendo plans technologies centre

Lucky Japanese punters get a place to see everything first.

Posted by Staff
Nintendo plans technologies centre
Treading that fine line between respecting the Japanese gamer for his integrity and feeling riddled with jealousy just got a little more precarious today. Nintendo has announced plans to partner with Matsushita in the opening of the Panasonic Center, a drop-in point for consumers to try out all the latest products from both companies.

As well as getting to see all of Matsushita?s spanky new TV sets, PDA advances and other technical delights, visitors get to play the latest builds of all of Nintendo?s games and peripherals, both on Game Boy Advance and GameCube.

Turning green yet? Urgh!

The Panasonic Center is due to open this September and is likely to be free to attendees. We?ll bring you more then.


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