More mission-led driving tomfoolery

Not another story about Driver 3, honest.

Posted by Staff
In the midst of all the Driver 3 excitement of last week, we somewhat overlooked Activision?s True Crime: Streets of LA, due for release in 2003 on Microsoft Xbox and PS2. All that we have heard about the game suggests that, along with the aforementioned Driver 3 and upcoming titles such as The Getaway, Stuntman and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, virtual car-driving maniacs are going to be well catered for next year.

Larry Goldberg, executive vice president, Activision Worldwide Studios is very excited about True Crime: ?Mission-based driving and action adventure collide in this bold new direction for interactive entertainment. Infused with the unique flair of Hong Kong action films, True Crime: Streets of LA allows players to experience first-hand the car stunts, close calls, quick wit and high-action that are synonymous with this distinct style of cinema.?

Developers Luxoflux, creators of the Vigilante 8 series of games, have included 20 branching missions and a whopping 100 sub-missions in True Crime, spread across a 400 square mile living, breathing re-creation of the City of Angels.

Looks like Activision are going to give Infogrames, Atari, Sony and Rockstar a run for their money when it comes to mission-based driving game malarkey. It?ll be interesting to see who gets away from the starting line first.


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