Square confirms Final Fantasies I and II for PSOne

A shift in power as WonderSwan is denied biggest titles.

Posted by Staff
Square confirms Final Fantasies I and II for PSOne
SquareSoft of Japan has announced that it will be releasing the NES/Famicom seminal RPGs Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II for the aged PlayStation.

We recently noticed that Final Fantasies I and II had slipped off the Japanese WonderSwan Color release schedule. This would appear to be the reason why.

Square has stated that the games will remain the same in format as the originals, though with enhanced CG intros, cut-scenes and endings. The game will also incorporate a Mode 7 map and play area.

Although only a Japanese release has been confirmed at this point, a European release is likely. We believe that the two games, to be sold separately, will fill in the gap in Squares Euro release schedule as players wait for Final Fantasy XI.


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