Yippee! New Micro Machines games loom

More miniature racing madness!

Posted by Staff
Yippee! New Micro Machines games loom
Infogrames has announced that Micro Machines, the seminal top-down racing series featuring the miniature pocket money vehicle replicas, will return to both Xbox and PlayStation 2.

The new versions will feature an all-new 3D mode that Infogrames promises will make the absolute most of the next-generation machines. Quite how this differs from the then "all-new" 3D mode featured 1997's Playstation/PC "Micro Machines V3" from Codemasters, has yet to be revealed. The good news is that the classic top-down view will also be available.

Though not yet confirmed, a Game Boy Advance version is also thought likely.

Expect to see Micro Machines for Xbox and PlayStation 2 on the store shelves before November this year.


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